Monday, January 2, 2012

Hannah's New Bed

Nothing really fancy here. Hannah had a hand-me-down bed with some beat up drawers under the bed for storage of her voluminous stuff. Searched the web and found some DIY ideas and took it from there.
It’s just a series of bookcases really under and behind the head of the bed. To stretch my budget but not go bargain basement, I went with birch plywood and some clear pine for the face frames. Painted the outside as Hannah’s already got her heart set on decorating it. Danish Oil inside the cubbies to pretty them up.
I may have been “tinkering” with woodworking for a few years now, I’m still a greenhorn, and this project was a great learning experience. Biggest thing I learned (or maybe relearned…) is that time is not my friend. Getting “getitdoneitis” for any part of the process or the project as a whole, had me mis-measuring and generating alot of re-work. At least the pieces that were too small for this project will make some nice boxes and shelves for a french cleat shelving that will be going up in her room next.
But that may wait. The boys need a couple of things first – dressers, and some boxes for their Nerf arsenal.

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