Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A post of a thousand words...

... begins with a single keystroke? Something like that. Ya, it's kinda pretentious; like I could keep a coherent thread of thought for a thousand words!

There's plenty of stuff that's been rattling around in my head. Stuff I find interesting, and we'll see who else does.

I'll be going off about my current vid distractions, Eureka and Warehouse 13; my trials, tribulation, and triumphs in the half of the garage I'm calling my woodshop; what's going on with my family (don't expect a bare soul here, as there's stuff I just won't share); stuff that tweaks my interest and tickles my imagination that I stumble across on the web; my thoughts and take on what it means to be given the honor of complete trust of a sexy submissive goddess (again don't expect blow by blow {double entendre intended} here either, I don't dish that way), and my, I dunno, philosophy sounds too, well, much?, thoughts, musings, ramblings on connectedness, spirituality, and science.
Now if that isn't enough to put you off, I'm glad you're staying.

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